May 20 2014

X, Desktops and window managers

Xorg server Linux, Unix or *bsd graphical user interface (gui) managed by Xorg server with the aid of window manager (ie ... ... ...) Window elements - buttons, lists, text inputs are build using toolkits (like gtk or qt. All of these is bundled and glued together into Desktop env (ie [Gnome](http://www ...

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May 08 2014

privacy in 21 century, encryption, secure communication

tor All Admins and programmers sooner or later get pulled into the war of users privacy. ISPs have been neutral till about 2010. Now they cannot be trusted anymore. Everything on the net becomes encrypted, ssl and ssh leaks are more frequent. EFF is loosing its battle for our privacy. 'necessary and proportionate' and 'only two hops of phone call collection ...

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Feb 25 2014

Android - perils of mobile os hacking.

android I've noticed many ill advices on forums starting with 'how to root your * mobile'. In most cases they looked like social hacking to me. My advice to you is don't do that if you're not sure what you're doing. It is better experiment on virtual device and after everything is properly tested install on real hardware ...

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Dec 27 2013

SaltStack - recipts for puppeteering your systems.

Saltstack I've started experimenting with SaltStack. I'm very impressed with simplicity and usefulness of this software. Django users will quickly recognize Jinja2 template syntax. If you're not familiar with this engine you should read trough documentation before continuing with Salt.

Salt master:

Install Salt master on secure local machine ...

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Dec 14 2013

os virtualization under Linux

There is number of virtualzation software to choose from, heavyweights Kvm Xen Vmware preferred by system admins and easier to use userspace lightweights for developers and users Virtualbox, Lcx, Docker etc.


you will need to install Qemu Arch Qemu wiki

I use Qemu to emulate ...

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May 28 2013

What if there was no source?

Friend asked me to re-package Ligthworks for Gentoo. It is currently distributed binary only in .deb form. deb's can be unpacked and then binaries installed to the filesystem but it won't just work without installing runtime dependencies. That made me think what if there was no source. I'm so used to it. Everything on Linux comes with ...

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