Why is your Layout wrong???

If you are not newspaper large left and right margin layout is wrong!!! Don't do this! Instead try to do Liquid Layout on web. where your content adjusts in adaptive way to size and shape of customers screen/view. A bit of constructive criticism will follow later on, please take it without bitterness.

Why do newspapers do this? rolled times newspaper

Printed Media will insist on laying out their content in traditional manner. Just the way their printed content is done. It makes sense to them as a lot of professional work was done on printed paper to make it appear optimal to the reader, all they have to do next is duplicate it in digital word.

Why not to do this?

html world wide web markup was really designed to be fluid. text will fill up every container we place it in. Instead of monkeying what we already know we should use www the way it was designed. Its really better. Dont be afraid to take advantage of new features digital way offers. use all available space. the less scrolling your viewer has to do the better, as we know from metrics they seldom bother scrolling down. set your margins small, just to visually complement the content and separate from other objects.

Do not reinvent the wheel, just bootstrap it ..

Bootstrap did good job lying out content with stylish CSS and genius JS. Just use it since they allow it, without doing the same labourious work again. it is here: get started with bootstrap

paradox of competing battle between Vim and Emacs is both of them are worst then the other one. avoiding battle is also an art form, as long as you'r not loosing.